Photo Héloïse Peyre
30 years ago, a gorgeous young women captured by the promising photographer Walter Chin. 
Tore out page. An anonymous model I named - unwittingly - Petra.
A coincidence.
Giving up words, urgency, tv lights. To immerse in a silent art room.
This enigmatic muse will never let go of me again. She will inspire me many sketches, drawings, paintings, and sculptures.
Why ?
# # #
Dear Walter,
I am a sculptor, painter, I live in France and need your help...
Twenty five years ago, I tore away this picture out of a magazine. At that time I was a journalist. I sculpted a little, draw a lot with a preference for nude women.
Your picture has inspired me many sketches, drawings and sculptures.
I don’t know why. Maybe because this incredibly beautiful woman, with her eyes looking down, is a mirror. 
Is she angry, sad, humble or uppity?
For a long time there was no need for me to know more about this model, the picture was self-sufficient. I only know one thing about Petra (that is how I named her), the name written on the top left of the picture : Walter Chin (USA).
I read that you have worked in France and Canada, and I have looked out on the net all of your clichés I could find.
I really admire your work, and I have found in some of your pictures what captured me so in Petra.
Would you agree to tell me more about this picture? What was the aim of it? Was it a command or a personnal work? Was it a chosen or compulsary model? How was the shooting, where did it take place, did you live in Paris at that time?
And at last, you must foresee where my curiosity is leading me...Who is Petra? Do you remember her? Is she French, American? Do you know what her tatoo means? Did you stay in touch?
I am preparing an exhibition «Looking for Petra» with sculptures, paintings, drawings and writtings.
Your answer would mean a lot for me.
Artistically yours.
# # #
Good morning Edith,
Thank you for your note to Mr. Chin. Unfortunately this photo was taken a while ago and being the professional that he is, Mr. Chin rarely divulges his motivations or experiences with the models he photographs. Incidentily, the photo is not really supposed to be circulating on the net or used in any other media without permission or the model and the agency could see legal action. Please be mindful where you use this photograph. :)
However, to answer your question…Petra is the name of the modeling agency. You might want to contact them to find out more about the model. I am certain there would be information on their web site about her.
Best of luck with your show!
Barbara S - Business Affairs
# # #
Good afternoon Barbara
Thank you for your message. I perfectly understand that Mr Chin has no interest in exchanging experiences about his work with me ! I just wanted to let him know that I took an interest in his work, and that one of his photo was inspiring me for this exhibition. My intention was to «send out an sos...» cause sometimes, you may regret not have tried.
Many photos of Mr Chin are on the net... but don’t worry, I definitely won’t use this one. This is not my purpose.
About the modeling agency, it’s quite a coincidence... do you really mean it’s called Petra ?! I can’t believe it ! I’ve tried to find it on the net, in vain, are they in the Us, in Europe ? Sorry to bother you again, but I keep trying to find this model. Thank you for helping me.
Best regards
Edith Simonnet
# # #

Hi, yes, Petra is the name of the agency. Perhaps they are no longer around but they were in the US. 
I have let Mr. Chin know about your e-mail also. 
Good luck! :)​​​​​​​
One is white, as an astral satellite.
The other is black, as coal.
The one which, under the ground, turns into diamond.
They are indissociables.
Mineral and celestial.
The day is surrended by the night, but the following day, prevail again.
Of this duality, equilibrium and harmony emerge.
Our shadow areas, our fulgurances.
A conciliation
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